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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Spread the L-O-V-E~

I have been doing volunteer work for Ronald McDonald House, a charity which provides homes to cancer-ridden children
I am thankful for the opportunity because I have learnt so much during the process and it is such a humbling experience

Sharing your love is what makes life worth living.  Love and happiness are infectious.  Have you been spreading your love virus lately? =)

Friday, 2 April 2010

I miss Australia

I went to Australia when I was in university. It's such a beautiful country and I miss everything about it
This is the residential college that I used to stay in while I was studeying in Adelaide =)
The hockey pitch looks a bit barren now cos it's winter time

I will definitely go back to Aus one day. Wait for me~~ ^_^

P.S.: Thank you Google Map for your amazing (and free of charge) technology!

Hot drink, Cold night~

Vitasoy is a soy drink that is very popular in Hong Kong
But nowadays we mostly have them in carton packets or tin cans instead of glass bottles
But during the winter, bottled Vitasoy are widely available in convenience store. They will be sitting in warm water bath, waiting to bring us warmth in the cold weather =)

Nothing beats sipping hot Vitasoy in cold winter days and warming my hands with the bottle =D


My blog viewers, this is Rilakkuma
Rilakkuma, say hi to my blog viewers =)

I got him last Christmas as a present. He is simply adorable ^_^
There is a zipper pocket at his back where I can put dried scented dry flowers there =)
I am going to put dried lavender and hug him to sleep <3 zzZZzzZz

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Egg tart panda

I bought some egg tarts the other day and this is the plastic bag that they put my goodies in
I love the panda he's so cute LOL
and he looks so cool and holding a birthday cake hahaha

Yuki & Stitch

One day before I woke up, I rolled to one side and slowly opened my eyes
The first thing I saw was him =)

With his huge eyes staring down at me >.<
I hugged him and went back to sleep =P

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

I believe I can... jump =)

This picture was taken a while back when I was with my friends going on a study trip to Shanghai
While we were waiting to see the tide rise (cos it's supposed to be magnificent, but turned out we could only see some ripples =..=), we got bored and we took turns to shoot our 'jumping photos'
The sky was gloomy but there was no stopping us from having fun!
Being the clumsy one, it's no surprise it took me 3942834 attempts before I could take a successful shot >_<

So this is me, jumping high trying to reach for the sky (or do I look like I'm falling down from high above?? O_o)
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